Recently I read about a number of studies that have been frustrated in their attempts to find the genes associated with extreme intelligence.

This article, in particular, highlights the difficulties in pinning down genius.

There might be an evolutionarily conserved reason why genius is not trivially linked to genes. For…

The streets are lines with burning cars and the screams of righteous anger. A motley mob of thirty protesters is walking down the city street shouting “death to facism".

Three lone dissenters face them down, weighing their options.

“We could just lie and say we agree with them, maybe smash…

Imagine a fake world with fake creatures where all anyone needs to do is move bushels. Everyone in this world has one job. They pick up bushels and move them. Everyone gets everything they need from this bushel-moving activity.

So now the world is in stasis. Everyone is equal. All…

There are several circulating blog articles about password managers claiming that this XKCD comic is incorrect:

The typical analysis goes something like this:

  • Users shouldn’t be choosing passwords
  • Users should use a password manager
  • Brute force isn’t the important attack
  • Sites should have password policies

The authors of these articles…

Currently, the leading proposal for a multisignature scheme is an M of M scheme. I would propose an additional protocol that provides for a threshold M of N scheme that has utility in circumstances where key loss is a concern.

The scheme causes signing to be interactive. But the security…

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